Montag, 3. März 2014

Jay Kubassek - Success Despite Adversities

Jay Kubassek is very well known among his peers in the internet marketing community. He after all is one of the founders of the $20 million company, CarbonCopyPRO (CCPRO), which has dramatically changed the face of online marketing. Not only is CCPRO the only business he has, he also owns six other companies. Besides marketing, Jay is also a professional speaker, avid extreme sports enthusiast, international real estate investor, and a film producer.

If you take a look at his bio, it will be surprising if you will not be inspired and motivated. Jay Kubassek grew up in a small religious community that his grandfather founded in the '40s. This small commune is comprised of about 20 families that live a utopian way. Everything in the community is shared, from land to produce. They also are secluded from the outside society, without any access to newspapers, television, or internet. Jay grew up with hand me downs and austerity. During his teenage years, his weeknights and weekends were spent on choir practices and developing farm equipment that would increase their farm's crop yields. At the age of 19, he was designated to manage their farm. This enabled him to travel to seminars and conventions concerning agriculture. In a way, these travels were his only means to explore the outside world.

Like all the kids in his community, he was home schooled. He earned an equivalent of 8th grade education. Further education didn't come as a choice them. Jay was virtually convinced that he was fated to spend his life as a farmer. All of these came to an extreme turn when he realized the possibility that he is throwing away his potentials and there is a world out there that is waiting to be explored and conquered. Jay then decided to leave the farm and take on the world. Because was nobody else who would take care of the farm, his father sold their equipment and leased out the farm. His decision, he says, broke his father's heart.

Jay found himself in Kansas City offering mufflers for a Midas franchise. He scarcely kept himself afloat with his measly income of $50,000 yearly. He also found himself in a financial rut, living paycheck per paycheck with his credit cards nearly maxed out. Fed up with worrying where his next rent check would come, Jay considered online opportunities for him to augment his salary. Nearly every scheme was tried - affiliate marketing, networking, even Ponzi schemes! But all he got was frustration. He felt as though he never gained enough support from his "mentors." After shelling out on the required fees, he was set out there to be fed to the wolves. Despite these, Jay persevered and became more determined than ever. He was able to create his own system that enabled him to earn 5 figure incomes in just a matter of months. Earning more from his part time job than his regular job, he quit from Midas.

Jay then changed his focus to helping others reproduce the success he made. This passion provided the way for the creation of CarbonCopyPRO by Jay Kubassek and two other geniuses Alan Moore and Aaron Parkinson. Jay has definitely gone a long way overcoming obstacle upon obstacle. He has proven that you could be successful despite overwhelming adversities.